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The vision of HRM is to work with small to large size businesses on their service excellence, customer service, and customer engagement to help drive profit. Profit increases with customer loyalty and the business experience. The mission is to help companies take their analytics related to their customer service cycle and turn it into actional items. The actional items that HRM creates will elevate the customer experience, increase brand loyalty, and increase profits. HRM’s values are customer service, engagement, culture, integrity, transparency, and trust.

HRM is a boutique service-oriented consulting business. HRM aims to build business relationships with companies looking to design a service experience that matches or exceeds customer expectations to generate customer satisfaction which in turn drives customer retention.

HRM fills the niche area for increased customer service and engagement for businesses. The assumption is that as the business market becomes competitive, companies need to improve their strategy and focus on the analytics of customer service, customer engagement.

For many companies, customer service is managed via technology, such as sending out generic coupons and emails to customers.  Companies need a customer culture and will need to elevate their competitive and technology-driven post-covid.

Businesses need to upgrade their customer service, and attention in poised and targeted ways focused on the customer experience that is not cookie-cutter but individual, intentional, and targeted.



Gratitude   •  Customer Service  •  Engagement Specialist

“Successful engagement is accomplished when organizations engage employees, volunteers, and the administrative staff as an extension of the business experience. Less than ideal experiences can also be a positive catalyst for engagement and positive change”.

I welcome you to the Heart Relationship Management experience, which begins with this website. After visiting our website, I hope that you are excited about customer service, privilege to share personally with you.

 I am a diverse international woman, born in Barbados in the Caribbean, growing up in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I moved to Detroit, Michigan, in the early 2000s, where I built her career spanning social work, health care management, and fundraising.

I have degrees from the University of Windsor. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Family and Social Relations. I am currently working on obtaining my Master of Arts degree in Organizational Management. 

I am a transplant to Sacramento, CA, relocating to Sacramento in 2016 after being recruited to the University of California, Davis Health, to build their Grateful Patient Fundraising Program. Currently, I am a healthcare executive in the Sacramento area.

Through Heart Relationship Management, I receive the most joy when using her personal and career experiences to help others. Another organization near and dear to my heart is The Sister Circle, our Rightful Place, LLC project. The Sister Circle is a network for Black Women of Sacramento. We come together to engage in positive dialogue, share our rich stories, build strong relationships, and create an open safe space to become fulfilled leaders, mothers, allies, friends.

I have many accolades; however, my greatest accomplishment is my family. I am a wife to Franklin D. McGee Jr., mom to Nayeli, bonus mom to Franklin III and dog mom to Chase.

HRM News

Listen as I passionately talk about Heart Relationship Management.

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HRM News

Listen as I passionately talk about Heart Relationship Management.

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