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What it's like

to work with Natalie

I had the privilege of working with Natalie for three years, and her energy and positivity were truly unmatched! Her genuine kindness and effervescent enthusiasm were traits that she infused in everything she did, and I’ve never met someone with such incredible relationship building skills. She’s a fantastic consensus-builder and is not afraid of a challenge, and I always looked forward to partnering with her.
When you meet Natalie, you immediately feel her positivity – it’s truly infectious. Contrary to what your gut may tell you, Natalie’s can-do attitude is legitimate and if anyone can inspire and practice gratitude in a meaningful and life-affirming way, it’s Natalie.
I had the privilege of working with Natalie and can attest to her outstanding work ethic and infectious positive energy she brings to the workplace. I truly valued her as a colleague and looked to her as a mentor in how to engage with people. She helped to provide clarity in her position and take the lead on creating new processes to establish more streamlined procedures. She carries herself with poise and treats everyone around her with respect. She truly is a team player and I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with her.
I highly recommend Natalie. She is the ultimate "people person" who exudes warmth, caring, helpfulness and genuine interest in others. She is also an excellent manager of her time and tasks, focused on getting priority things done on deadline with quality.
Natalie is consistently professional, creative, radiant, and a team player. Natalie has excellent verbal and written communication skills. She displayed a vested interest in her work with clients. She exemplified true customer care and demonstrated a high level of integrity.

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